41 SMD 5050 LED Replacement Bulb - 3 Chip - 3157 (dual)


These are direct replacement LED bulbs to replace your inefficient stock incandescent bulbs.  These LED bulbs are extremely bright using 27 5050 SMD LED's.  The bulbs use a 3 chip design for a greater lumen value over the 2 chip LED's.  These LED bulbs can be used as turn signal bulbs but are best used for tail lights.

If you are currently using the stock flasher relay you will need 1 load resistor for every LED bulb or an Electronic Flasher relay to control the flash rate for the entire motorcycle.  If the intended use is for a tail light, there is not need for any resistors, simply plug & play.

Bulbs sold separately

LED Specs per Bulb

  • Power 4.6 Watts/12V
  • Lumens 230
  • Amps 0.31

Available Colours

  • Red
  • White

Available Bases

  • 3157 dual

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