Afterburner LED Headlight Lamp 3200Lm


Afterburner LED Headlight Lamps.  Avail in 6000K H4 H/L & H3 20W

Match your aux lights with these 881 LED's for your Harley or a standard H3 LED fitment.




LED Specs:

  • Wattage High Beam 36W @ 3A, Low Beam 31.2W @ 2.6A

  • Colour 6000K -  6500K

  • Lm Value 3200Lm

  • H4 Low beam 2600Lm, H4 High beam 3200Lm

  • 360 Degree Beam

  • Built-in  Cooling fan with external driver

  • 18 Month Warranty


    Fitment: Please check you model for exact fitment prior to ordering



    F65097-01   H4

    F650 GS2002   H4

    K120097-02   H7

    R110019987   H4

    R1000 RS/RT97-02  H4

    R1150 R01-02   H4

    R1150 RS01-02   H4

    R1150 RT01-02   H7

    R1160 GS99-02   H7

    R120097-02   H4

    R85097-01    H4

    Dakar2005  H4

    K1200S 00-03  H4

    K1200S 2004   H7

    Montauk2005  H4

    R1200GS2005  H7

    R1200 Montauk2005  H4



    All models except VRod 83-14   H4 H/L

    CVO H11



    All Cruiser Models 79-14   H4 H/L

    Exceptions 599  01-04   H7

    CBR 1100 XX97-03  H7

    CBR 600 F401-03  H7

    CBR 600RR01-05  H7

    CBR 92900-02  H7

    CBR 929 RR2001  H7

    CBR 95402-03  H7

    CBR F4J01-05  H7

    CBR 100004-05  H7

    CBR 1000 RR04-05  H7

    Goldwing 1500 H4 H/L

    Goldwing GL 1800 01-14  H7 Please note if this for a Goldwing, spacers are required to secure the LED. 

    Interceptor02-05  H7

    RC 5100-05  H7

    1000R2001  H7

    Valyrle Rune 04-05  H7



     All models 96-14  H4 H/L Will not fit the 5" headlight buckets



    All Cruiser models 82-14  H4 H/L

    R Series H7



    998 Hyper Sport99-00  H4

    Monster 95-06  H4

    Sport Touring98-05  H1

    ST2 ST499-01  H4

    Supersport97-05  H4



    Firebolt XB 12R2004  H3

    Firebolt XB 12R2005  H7

    Firebolt XB 9R03-05  H3

    Lightning XB 12S04-05  H7

    M2 Cyclone97-02  H4

    S1 Lightning 97-98  H4

    S397-02  H4

    S3T Thunderbolt97-02  H4

    X1 Lightning 97-02  H4

    X1W white lightning 2002  H4

    XB9S03-05  H7

    XB9SX03-05  H7



    All Cruiser models 83-14 H4 H/L

    GSX 1300R Hyabussa99-04  H7

    Heyabusa99-05  H7



    All Cruiser models 83-14  H4 H/L

    Exceptions6R Ninja03-14  H7

    6RR Ninga 03-14  H7

    Vulcan 2000 04-05  H7


                                                                     Afterburner LED Headlights – Installation



    • Remove you stock bulb from you headlight bucket


    • Install the LED bulb as you would with a regular bulb, keep in mind that the fan at the back of the LED needs to be free from any wiring and must be able to rotate. ***DO NOT REINSTALL RUBBER BOOT***


    • This LED is designed with a thermal switch.  If the fan malfunctions, the LED will shut down only to protect itself.


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