Afterburner LED driving lights you can buy at Canadian Cruiser Customizing

Get all your headlight needs here at Canadian Cruiser Customizing! Among the products we offer are the afterburner LED Driving Lights. Check out our best products below!

LED Driving Light 35Q 6000LM (1 Pair)

Price: $199

These LED Driving Lights are the most advanced lights available for this price. The clarity, range and visibility the U2 LED provides is nothing short of remarkable. At 6000 Lumens of light output, these lights produce more than 4.5x the light output of stock halogen headlights. These LEDs are available with a 3000K LED option to match the colour of your stock halogen headlight bulb.

These are a must for any rider with a dual-purpose bike such as a BMW, KTM, V-Strom, Quads, etc. These are also perfect for any cruiser or sport-tourer looking for a headlight replacement.

Compared to any standard auxiliary light bar (typically 35W x 2 = 7W draw), these driving lights consume less wattage and amps while giving you brighter lights as you drive down the highway. 

Electrical Specifications per pair

  • Wattage 70W
  • Amps 4
  • Lumens 7000Lm

Additional information

  • Life: 100,000+ hours
  • LED Colours available: 3000K and 5000K
  • Effective range: 550m
  • Beam angle: 20-30 degrees
  • Diameter: 55mm(2 ⅛”) x length 70mm (3”)
  • Wire length: 80cm
  • Waterproof: IP68
  • Dustproof

Available body colours

  • Black

7” LED CREE Daymaker Style Headlight H4 H/L Harley Davidson, Jeep

Price: $159

This design is a replica of the 8700 Evolution LED High and Low Beam LED Headlamp at a fraction of the cost. The same LEDs and reflection patterns are used to build this light and it can be used to replace lights in Harley Davidson and Jeep.


  • High beam 40W @ 3600 Lumens 
  • Low beam 30W @ 2200 Lumens


  • LEDs – 4PC 10W CREE (XML-T6) LEDs


  • DC 12V
  • High beam 40W 3.00AMPS, 3600LM
  • Low beam 30W 2.50AMPS, 2200LM
  • Maximum lumen output:3600LMS

4.5” CREE Daymaker Style Passing Lamps

Price: $139.99

These passing lamps are the perfect complement to the 7” CREE Evolution Style Headlamp. They are sold in pairs in either Chrome or Black.

3W LED Bullet Afterburner Driving Lights with lens (One pair)

Price: $74.66

This LED Driving Light uses a 1×3 watt flush-mounted and high-powered LED with a lens. It has a bullet design with a hollow threaded mounting stem. All of our Driving lights have a 3-wire design—ground, low and high intensity.

These are the smallest and the brightest available on the market today. There is no need for load resistors/equalizers to operate these Driving Lights. Simply wire them into the existing high/low beam on your headlight or use a separate power wire with a relay and an on/off switch.

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