Canadian Cruiser Customizing: Car lights maintenance tips

Canadian Cruiser Customizing: Car lights maintenance tips

Just like your car’s tires, engine and battery, the lights of your vehicle should be maintained as well. They are an important part of your car that helps you safely drive at night and arrive at your destination in one piece. 

It helps you see properly when your vision is reduced, especially when you have to drive around the dark places in your town. 

However, most car owners would often overlook the maintenance of their car’s headlights. Once they get damaged, your car lights can get you in trouble, making you prone to road accidents and collisions. 

You don’t have to spend a fortune since car lighting problems can be easily fixed. Here are some effective tips to keep them in good shape:

Clean the headlights

Keeping the headlights clean is one of the best ways to maintain their good condition. Dust, dirt and moisture can accumulate inside the lights, eventually reducing the beam strength. Make sure that you also clean the interior lamp area when washing your car to keep them dirt-free.

You don’t have to take your car to the mechanic when it comes to cleaning the car lights. Use the owner’s manual to guide you on how to safely remove the headlight lens and clean the lights without damaging them. 

Replace both bulbs

When changing the bulbs of your vehicle, make sure that you replace them with a new pair. This will give you steady lights, improving your vision when driving at night. 

Refrain from changing just one light since inconsistent lighting can potentially compromise your visibility which can result in accidents. Ensure that your lights are perfectly balanced, so always change in pairs!

Choose LED lights

LED bulbs are known to be highly energy-efficient—lower cost, brighter lights and less electricity. They produce brilliant, shining lights that can help you see better when you’re behind the wheel.

Automotive LED lights last longer than conventional bulbs and use less amount of power, putting less pressure on your car’s battery. You can also consult your car mechanic when installing LED bulbs to give you a better upgrade for your vehicle. 

Assess the beam strength

Just like any other bulbs, your car lights will lose their beam strength over time, especially when you frequently use them when driving. If you notice that your headlights are getting dimmer by the day, take it to a mechanic straight away. They will check the lights and replace them accordingly. 

Don’t wait for the moment that your car lights completely lose their power. It can put your life at risk when they malfunction in the middle of your travel, making you vulnerable to car collisions. Fix the issue immediately to keep you safe at all times.

You can also choose to upgrade existing bulbs for improved beam strength. Having extra beam strength is the best option for bus drivers who have to fetch passengers at night and securely bring them to their destination. 

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