Five basic tips to prolong your car’s service life

Everything will break eventually but you can always prevent that from happening with proper care. It is crucial for expensive yet essential items like vehicles. Keeping it well-maintained is more like an obligation so you can always drive safely. Even without accounting for the dangers of the road, you are also incentivized to avoid spending thousands of dollars for repairs. Here are some ways to keep your car in good condition.

Rotate tires every 12,000 km or every six months

Tire rotation is switching positions of the front and rear tires. It often has to be swapped in a cross pattern instead of directly from front to back or vice versa. You have to do this every six months because tires from the front and back wear down at different rates. The pattern of the rotation depends on your vehicle such as front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, and four-wheel drive. So many people forget to do this and end up frequently looking for new sets of tires too often. 

Learn how to perform daily inspections

You should learn how to see if your car is in great condition even if you don’t know how to fix the problems you find. Canadian Cruiser Customizing can help you fix that issue before it causes any damages to your car and safety. Quick remedies are also cheaper than a full replacement of parts. All you need to know is what the car looks like in perfect condition and identify signs that deviate from your expectations. 

Learn which components to swap and how often 

Cars have components that have to be replaced regularly. This includes the oil, breaks, air/oil filter, and coils. You can see if they have problems during your daily inspections. However, some of them are best replaced as soon as they reach their life expectancy even if they seem in good condition. You can mark the date when you got the part installed and count the months that passed since then. Car tires should serve you for years so it’s better to determine when they need to be replaced based on their outward appearance. 

Keep your car clean and rust free

Most people clean their car so they remain looking presentable everyday. The truth is that dirt can cause more problems than just reducing your vehicle’s appeal. Gunk buildup can soften your car’s coating or expose some sensitive spots on your glasses. Letting the car’s components rust also cause safety or performance issues. Always clean your car even if it’s just once a week.

Read your car’s owner’s manual

You can rely on helpful blogs from Canadian Cruiser Customizing but the best source of information is still your owner’s manual. Your car manufacturer knows what’s best for your vehicle such as the life expectancy of all of its parts. Read everything that the manual can teach you about your vehicle to be fully familiar with its needs and fixes.

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