Top car designs with Canadian Cruiser Customizing

If you are a car lover, chances are you want a new design for your car every now and then. Lights, seat covers, or a new spoiler, whatever it is you want for the sake of having a new look. 

One of the most important parts of a car is its lights. A light can improve a car’s design and can save a lot of money in the long run.

Canadian Cruiser Customizing offers the top designs for your cars. Servicing Canada and the U.S. since 2007, the car-customization shop provides high-quality LED and LCD-related products. At a fair price, you can now buy LED products on par with the best of its kind. 

Manufacturing with the latest technology, the company provides LED products with the following criterias in mind: Brightness, Design, Lifespan, Efficiency, and Durability. The Canadian Cruiser Customizing LED lights can make you see clearly on dark roads, provides designs, has a long lifespan, energy-conserving, and durable. Most of the company’s products are Motorcycle LED’s and accessories, with some car products in its catalog. 

Canadian Cruiser Customizing provides the following products:

LED Driving Light

At 199.99$, these LED lights produce 4.5x more than the light output of stock halogen headlights. It uses 70 watts and 6000 lumens of light outputs, saving a lot of gas for your car and improving the lights’ visibility during the day. 

The LED Driving Lights are purposeful when it comes to dual-sport bikes, ideal for on-and-off roads especially at night. 

Afterburner Headlight

This Afterburner headlight lamp comes with a built-in fan and external driver. This afterburner also has a 60,000 hour lifespan, perfect for those who want a headlight with a longer lifespan. With a 360 degree beam LEDS, both top and bottom, a wider area can be seen while driving through the night. It’s max use of voltage is 50 watts with a Lumen Value of 4500 LM. 

The Afterburner headlight lamp comes with an 18 month warranty for its users. The light colour goes up to 6000 lumens, with available 2700 and 4000 lumens on special orders.

LED Cree Daymaker Style headlight

Replicating the J2 series from J.W. speaker, this headlight boasts the same reflection patterns from the popular headlight–but at a lower price. 

335 LED side light LED strips (Skinny Mini’s)

For drivers with additional running lights in the accenting headlights, the 335 LED side light LED strips (Skinny Mini’s) is perfect for both its aesthetic and traffic uses. The side lights come in two colors: orange, red, and white LED’s. The LED strips are 5MM wide X 4MM thick, with 48 CM long wires.

The company prices its products with canadian dollars, shipped from Canada’s high-quality resources. 

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