Canadian Cruiser Customizing: Types of car lights and when to use them

Canadian Cruiser Customizing: Types of car lights and when to use them

Getting familiar with all the functions of the lights in your vehicle is essential to your safety and other drivers alike. In this article, you will have the chance to learn all about the different types of car headlights, when, and how to use them. Read to learn more!


Headlights are located at the front of your vehicle. It allows the driver to see the roadway in the dark, while also signalling to other motorists that the car is present. There are two types of headlights:

  • Low beams are usually the headlights that are used on a normal night time driving. One of its main functions is to provide adequate lighting without reducing your visibility of oncoming traffic. 
  • High beams are headlights that provide an intense, centre-weighted distribution of light that is commonly used in rural areas with little to no light. Moreover, it allows you to see a long stretch of the road. 


Located in the rear edge of the vehicle, tail lights allow other drivers to assess the size and shape of your car. It also contains a safety feature that lets you drive safely even through foggy weather.

Daytime running lights

Daytime running lights are located from the front and rear of the car. It is known to remain open whenever the engine is running. However, you also have the choice to turn it off if you want. 

Fog lights

Fog lights are located below the headlights. These are generally just an alternative option if your headlights are unable to illuminate the road during cloudy weather conditions. 

Driving lamps. 

Located inside the vehicle, driving lamps are used to help passengers and drivers to safely check maps, or find lost items in the car.

Signal lights. 

Signal lights, also known as the ‘blinkers’ or ‘turn signals’, are a wonderful feature that alarms other drivers when they’re changing lanes. These lights are required by the law to keep on at all times—to prevent any accidents from happening.

Brake lights. 

Brake lights are located at the rear side of your vehicle. This lets the other drivers know that you are slowing down or stopping. These are normally activated when you apply the brakes you don’t need to worry about misusing them.

Hazard lights. 

Located in the front and back of the vehicle, hazard lights are the ones who send out a warning signal if there is an immediate danger that is happening on the road. This can inform other drivers that you have a problem.

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