Canadian Cruiser Customizing: Car essentials

Make sure you have everything you need when you’re on the go. The car essentials that you need to know are the following:

Fuel Filter – Replace your fuel filter to make sure your car is running smoothly and your engine is performing well.

Wiper Blades – Keep your windshield clean with a set of wiper blades.

Tire Rotation – If you’re looking for new tires, you should rotate them.

Battery – You need a good battery to keep your car running.

Battery Charger – A battery charger is important to keep your battery charged and running at its best.

Oil – Oil is essential to keep your engine running smoothly.

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You can always find the right auto part for your vehicle.

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Five basic tips to prolong your car’s service life

Everything will break eventually but you can always prevent that from happening with proper care. It is crucial for expensive yet essential items like vehicles. Keeping it well-maintained is more like an obligation so you can always drive safely. Even without accounting for the dangers of the road, you are also incentivized to avoid spending thousands of dollars for repairs. Here are some ways to keep your car in good condition.

Rotate tires every 12,000 km or every six months

Tire rotation is switching positions of the front and rear tires. It often has to be swapped in a cross pattern instead of directly from front to back or vice versa. You have to do this every six months because tires from the front and back wear down at different rates. The pattern of the rotation depends on your vehicle such as front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, and four-wheel drive. So many people forget to do this and end up frequently looking for new sets of tires too often. 

Learn how to perform daily inspections

You should learn how to see if your car is in great condition even if you don’t know how to fix the problems you find. Canadian Cruiser Customizing can help you fix that issue before it causes any damages to your car and safety. Quick remedies are also cheaper than a full replacement of parts. All you need to know is what the car looks like in perfect condition and identify signs that deviate from your expectations. 

Learn which components to swap and how often 

Cars have components that have to be replaced regularly. This includes the oil, breaks, air/oil filter, and coils. You can see if they have problems during your daily inspections. However, some of them are best replaced as soon as they reach their life expectancy even if they seem in good condition. You can mark the date when you got the part installed and count the months that passed since then. Car tires should serve you for years so it’s better to determine when they need to be replaced based on their outward appearance. 

Keep your car clean and rust free

Most people clean their car so they remain looking presentable everyday. The truth is that dirt can cause more problems than just reducing your vehicle’s appeal. Gunk buildup can soften your car’s coating or expose some sensitive spots on your glasses. Letting the car’s components rust also cause safety or performance issues. Always clean your car even if it’s just once a week.

Read your car’s owner’s manual

You can rely on helpful blogs from Canadian Cruiser Customizing but the best source of information is still your owner’s manual. Your car manufacturer knows what’s best for your vehicle such as the life expectancy of all of its parts. Read everything that the manual can teach you about your vehicle to be fully familiar with its needs and fixes.

5 great reasons to add LED lights to your motorcycle

There are many great ways to style up your ride such as adding additional accessories, putting stickers on the body and even lights, but not all provide something that benefits your safety. 

Adding LED strip light may be a great way to jazz up your ride when driving at night. With a ton of great vibrant colours to choose from, some even changeable through remote control, styling up your motorcycle can be fun and exciting.

Not only does this make your motorcycle look really cool at night it also benefits your safety by making you seen and visible to other vehicles. So if you’re interested, Canadian Cruiser Customizing has summed up a list of why you should add LED light to your motorcycle:

  1. Efficient and environmentally friendly

LED lights are a great and efficient way to stay visible during night drives since their bulbs create a stronger light per watt of electricity than other traditional standard incandescent bulbs. This means one LED bulb can be equivalent to two standard bulbs saving, you from costs plus is also better for the environment since you’re using less material and energy.

  1. Various styles

There are many ways you can use LED lights to style up your ride, may it be through a new LED headlight, backlight and even LED strips you can install under your motorcycle. LED-based headlights offer high or low beams as well so whether you prefer bright or low, you always have an option.

  1. Durable

If you’re looking for lights for your motorcycle that has a long lifespan, try using LED lights. They have a much longer life cycle than other standard bulbs and can last about 25 years at most. This will save you time, money and effort from having to re-install a new one every once in a while. LED-based headlights provide a better resistance shock than other traditional standard bulbs and are also less susceptible to weather damage.

  1. Better light quality

LED lights offer better quality than other traditional standard bulbs since it creates a whiter and clearer light that can benefit you when driving on dim and dark roads. This is better and safer than halogen bulbs that provide a warm yellow light which can cause inaccuracy in the colour of signs when driving at night. Even if LED bulbs are brighter than other bulbs they don’t cause a blinding effect for other drivers which can prevent accidents.

  1. Cost-efficient

Not only are LED lights durable, they’re also giving you your money’s worth. Installing cheaper alternatives or counterfeit bulbs can shut off or malfunction during drives which can result in accidents or even driving violations since it’s a requirement to have a functioning headlight when on the road. So when shopping for headlights try out LED-based bulbs.

Canadian Cruiser Customizing: Car lights maintenance tips

Canadian Cruiser Customizing: Car lights maintenance tips

Just like your car’s tires, engine and battery, the lights of your vehicle should be maintained as well. They are an important part of your car that helps you safely drive at night and arrive at your destination in one piece. 

It helps you see properly when your vision is reduced, especially when you have to drive around the dark places in your town. 

However, most car owners would often overlook the maintenance of their car’s headlights. Once they get damaged, your car lights can get you in trouble, making you prone to road accidents and collisions. 

You don’t have to spend a fortune since car lighting problems can be easily fixed. Here are some effective tips to keep them in good shape:

Clean the headlights

Keeping the headlights clean is one of the best ways to maintain their good condition. Dust, dirt and moisture can accumulate inside the lights, eventually reducing the beam strength. Make sure that you also clean the interior lamp area when washing your car to keep them dirt-free.

You don’t have to take your car to the mechanic when it comes to cleaning the car lights. Use the owner’s manual to guide you on how to safely remove the headlight lens and clean the lights without damaging them. 

Replace both bulbs

When changing the bulbs of your vehicle, make sure that you replace them with a new pair. This will give you steady lights, improving your vision when driving at night. 

Refrain from changing just one light since inconsistent lighting can potentially compromise your visibility which can result in accidents. Ensure that your lights are perfectly balanced, so always change in pairs!

Choose LED lights

LED bulbs are known to be highly energy-efficient—lower cost, brighter lights and less electricity. They produce brilliant, shining lights that can help you see better when you’re behind the wheel.

Automotive LED lights last longer than conventional bulbs and use less amount of power, putting less pressure on your car’s battery. You can also consult your car mechanic when installing LED bulbs to give you a better upgrade for your vehicle. 

Assess the beam strength

Just like any other bulbs, your car lights will lose their beam strength over time, especially when you frequently use them when driving. If you notice that your headlights are getting dimmer by the day, take it to a mechanic straight away. They will check the lights and replace them accordingly. 

Don’t wait for the moment that your car lights completely lose their power. It can put your life at risk when they malfunction in the middle of your travel, making you vulnerable to car collisions. Fix the issue immediately to keep you safe at all times.

You can also choose to upgrade existing bulbs for improved beam strength. Having extra beam strength is the best option for bus drivers who have to fetch passengers at night and securely bring them to their destination. 

Canadian Cruiser Customizing: Best colours for your car

Canadian Cruiser Customizing: Best colours for your car

One of the things you can do to give your car a fresh new look is to give it a fresh coat of paint. If you’re used to seeing the same old colours, then a change will do you good. This is where we at Canadian Cruiser Customizing come into the picture. We specialize in car repairs, painting, and other improvements. 

If you’re looking to put your car through a paint job, you need to choose the right colour. To learn more, take a look at some of the best colours you can use for your car below: 

Nothing says sleek and classy quite like a good black tone. While the colour is common, it gives off the impression that your car is new and well-maintained. Plus, you don’t have to worry about it looking dirty all the time because the black tint will hide it. 

Another popular car colour is silver. This also gives it that elegant look that can turn some heads as you drive by. Silver looks stylish and can also hide the dust and dirt off your car better. Some people even say that having silver cars gets them more attention and is admired by most bystanders. 

Grey is another car colour that can hide dirt and dust well. The murky hues work well to conceal dirt so you can go without cleaning it for a few extra days. The great thing about grey cars is that it doesn’t look too glossy. So if you don’t want to stand out too much and just have a classy looking car, then grey could be the best option. 

There are a lot of different red colours out there, but unless you own a sports car, it’s better to go for a more toned-down option. Try to find a classy red colour like burgundy or maroon to keep it on the down-low. This will make your car look more elegant and reflect well under the sun too. 

Last but not least, blue is another great colour for a car. Just like the red variety, there are a lot of options to choose from. However, it’s good to remember that a toned-down version of blue hues would fit best, especially if you like city driving. You can go for a classic colour like ocean blue or oxford blue. These are gorgeous and will make your car stand out from the others. 

For those interested, feel free to browse the rest of our website for more information. You can also reach out to us via our email to book an appointment or speak to one of our staff members. Bring your car to our shop today and let us transform it into an entirely new vehicle! 

Canadian Cruiser Customizing: Ways to inspect your headlights

Do your headlights look worn down or look like they’re covered in wax paper, then you need to inspect them right away. To maintain them, it is important to learn to examine the headlights properly to figure out what type of approach is needed. Here are some of the ways you can inspect your headlights below.

Inspect the headlights 

In order to have the proper assessment, it is important to figure out how bad the damage is to know which cleaning methods will be the most effective. This will also help you know if the headlights should be examined professionally, or whether the headlights might need to be replaced. Have you noticed anything unusual with your headlights? Do they seem hazier or not as crisp as they once were? If yes, then you might want to consider these things below:  

  • Look for hazing.

Remember, hazing will only occur when all of the hard coat (wax) has worn off the headlights and the soft polycarbonate is exposed. Whenever this happens, it can be prone to absorbing scratches—creating hazing in the process. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • If not treated immediately, the lens will soon be covered in a rough dark yellow crusted surface.
  • To temporarily maintain them, doing a cheap quick clean can slow down the degeneration of the headlights. However, a more comprehensive clean may be needed.
  • Look for yellowing.

Similar to the cause of hazing, this occurs when all of the hard coat is beginning to thin out and lose adhesion to the polycarbonate lens. So, if you did not clean it when it starts hazing, it will then result in a yellowish appearance.

  • Once you notice yellowish colouring on the headlights, you can try opting for a more comprehensive clean, using some polishing compound to clean them up and reduce the damage. 
  • A thin layer of transmission fluid can also temporarily clear the yellowish appearance as well.
  • Look for peeling and cracks. 

If you live in a cold country or had a collision with another car, it usually results in peeling and cracks. You will usually notice cracks deep into the lens, which means the headlights will need to be resurfaced by a professional. Here are some things to keep in mind: 

  • Compared to the other problems that are listed, your headlights need to be examined by a professional so that you may know if you need to replace your headlights or have them resurfaced.
  • If you still don’t have the budget to buy a new headlight, clean them up as best you can and try to avoid riding the car at night.

If you still can’t figure out what the problem your headlights have, we recommend having them examined by professionals. This will not only help you save time but also be able to restore to what they once were.

Afterburner LED driving lights you can buy at Canadian Cruiser Customizing

Get all your headlight needs here at Canadian Cruiser Customizing! Among the products we offer are the afterburner LED Driving Lights. Check out our best products below!

LED Driving Light 35Q 6000LM (1 Pair)

Price: $199

These LED Driving Lights are the most advanced lights available for this price. The clarity, range and visibility the U2 LED provides is nothing short of remarkable. At 6000 Lumens of light output, these lights produce more than 4.5x the light output of stock halogen headlights. These LEDs are available with a 3000K LED option to match the colour of your stock halogen headlight bulb.

These are a must for any rider with a dual-purpose bike such as a BMW, KTM, V-Strom, Quads, etc. These are also perfect for any cruiser or sport-tourer looking for a headlight replacement.

Compared to any standard auxiliary light bar (typically 35W x 2 = 7W draw), these driving lights consume less wattage and amps while giving you brighter lights as you drive down the highway. 

Electrical Specifications per pair

  • Wattage 70W
  • Amps 4
  • Lumens 7000Lm

Additional information

  • Life: 100,000+ hours
  • LED Colours available: 3000K and 5000K
  • Effective range: 550m
  • Beam angle: 20-30 degrees
  • Diameter: 55mm(2 ⅛”) x length 70mm (3”)
  • Wire length: 80cm
  • Waterproof: IP68
  • Dustproof

Available body colours

  • Black

7” LED CREE Daymaker Style Headlight H4 H/L Harley Davidson, Jeep

Price: $159

This design is a replica of the 8700 Evolution LED High and Low Beam LED Headlamp at a fraction of the cost. The same LEDs and reflection patterns are used to build this light and it can be used to replace lights in Harley Davidson and Jeep.


  • High beam 40W @ 3600 Lumens 
  • Low beam 30W @ 2200 Lumens


  • LEDs – 4PC 10W CREE (XML-T6) LEDs


  • DC 12V
  • High beam 40W 3.00AMPS, 3600LM
  • Low beam 30W 2.50AMPS, 2200LM
  • Maximum lumen output:3600LMS

4.5” CREE Daymaker Style Passing Lamps

Price: $139.99

These passing lamps are the perfect complement to the 7” CREE Evolution Style Headlamp. They are sold in pairs in either Chrome or Black.

3W LED Bullet Afterburner Driving Lights with lens (One pair)

Price: $74.66

This LED Driving Light uses a 1×3 watt flush-mounted and high-powered LED with a lens. It has a bullet design with a hollow threaded mounting stem. All of our Driving lights have a 3-wire design—ground, low and high intensity.

These are the smallest and the brightest available on the market today. There is no need for load resistors/equalizers to operate these Driving Lights. Simply wire them into the existing high/low beam on your headlight or use a separate power wire with a relay and an on/off switch.

Top car designs with Canadian Cruiser Customizing

If you are a car lover, chances are you want a new design for your car every now and then. Lights, seat covers, or a new spoiler, whatever it is you want for the sake of having a new look. 

One of the most important parts of a car is its lights. A light can improve a car’s design and can save a lot of money in the long run.

Canadian Cruiser Customizing offers the top designs for your cars. Servicing Canada and the U.S. since 2007, the car-customization shop provides high-quality LED and LCD-related products. At a fair price, you can now buy LED products on par with the best of its kind. 

Manufacturing with the latest technology, the company provides LED products with the following criterias in mind: Brightness, Design, Lifespan, Efficiency, and Durability. The Canadian Cruiser Customizing LED lights can make you see clearly on dark roads, provides designs, has a long lifespan, energy-conserving, and durable. Most of the company’s products are Motorcycle LED’s and accessories, with some car products in its catalog. 

Canadian Cruiser Customizing provides the following products:

LED Driving Light

At 199.99$, these LED lights produce 4.5x more than the light output of stock halogen headlights. It uses 70 watts and 6000 lumens of light outputs, saving a lot of gas for your car and improving the lights’ visibility during the day. 

The LED Driving Lights are purposeful when it comes to dual-sport bikes, ideal for on-and-off roads especially at night. 

Afterburner Headlight

This Afterburner headlight lamp comes with a built-in fan and external driver. This afterburner also has a 60,000 hour lifespan, perfect for those who want a headlight with a longer lifespan. With a 360 degree beam LEDS, both top and bottom, a wider area can be seen while driving through the night. It’s max use of voltage is 50 watts with a Lumen Value of 4500 LM. 

The Afterburner headlight lamp comes with an 18 month warranty for its users. The light colour goes up to 6000 lumens, with available 2700 and 4000 lumens on special orders.

LED Cree Daymaker Style headlight

Replicating the J2 series from J.W. speaker, this headlight boasts the same reflection patterns from the popular headlight–but at a lower price. 

335 LED side light LED strips (Skinny Mini’s)

For drivers with additional running lights in the accenting headlights, the 335 LED side light LED strips (Skinny Mini’s) is perfect for both its aesthetic and traffic uses. The side lights come in two colors: orange, red, and white LED’s. The LED strips are 5MM wide X 4MM thick, with 48 CM long wires.

The company prices its products with canadian dollars, shipped from Canada’s high-quality resources. 

Browse through our website and find out more articles about how to properly maintain your vehicles. For inquiries, feedback and suggestions, head over to our contact page!

Canadian Cruiser Customizing: Best custom car designs in 2021

Canadian Cruiser Customizing: Best custom car designs in 2021

For car owners, nothing is more important than the idea of making your car look good. This means having a good paint job, a set of nice-looking wheels, a good engine, and even some flashy lights. 

The basic responsibility of a car owner is to take care of the vehicle and make sure it’s in good working condition. You need to take it for maintenance checks every now and then, wash the car, and replace certain parts if needed. 

If you ever notice some of the flashy cars on the streets, you’ll see they have different accessories and special paint. The engine is noisy and the mufflers are huge especially when the driver steps on the gas. 

These upgrades can either make a car look straight from a Fast and Furious movie or it could look a tad overwhelming. The end result of your car’s design depends on the quality of work done on it. Take a look at some of the best custom car designs of 2021: 

  1. Matte paint
    Since cars have paint jobs that usually have glossy textures, some owners are opting for matte. This removes the glossy exterior and instead turns it into a softer matte finish. 
  2. Ombre effect
    You read that right! Ombre effects aren’t just popular for hair nowadays, it can also be used for cars. If you like two colours and can’t choose which one you want, then just get both! Request for an ombre effect on your car to give it a cool two-toned vibe. 
  3. Racing stripes
    You can never go wrong with the classic racing stripes that can be placed in almost any car. This design is timeless and is perfect no matter what the year. Have the artist place racing stripes right down the middle of your car to give it that simple yet professional look. 

About Canadian Cruiser Customizing

Canadian Cruiser Customizing is a web-based company located in Canada. Even though we make most of our transactions online, we specialize in providing our customers with high-end materials for their vehicles. If you would like to upgrade your car’s lights, engine, and paint, we can do it all for you. 

You can rest assured our mechanics and servicemen are great at what they do. They have had years of experience in the field and can help you customize your car the way you want it to look like. No engine replacement or paint job is too difficult. 

If you want your car to look its best, bring it here to Canadian Cruiser Customizing! We can make your vision come to life in as little is a few days. All you need to do is reach out to us via our website or call our main office at 1-800-342-2733. 

Canadian Cruiser Customizing: A guide to using signal lights

Canadian Cruiser Customizing: A guide to using signal lights

One of the main components of safe driving is letting other drivers know what you’re about to do. Following this etiquette is required by the law in order to avoid any accidents from happening. 

Giving appropriate signals at the correct time and place ensures the safety of you and other drivers. To help you stay safe and protected on the road, we’re going to take an in-depth look at the importance of using turn signals as well as some of the guidelines you must follow.

Using the turn signals

Cars are usually equipped with a turn signal ‘switch’ located on a short lever and attached to the side of the steering wheel column. Here are some of the ways to activate these signals.

  • Once you pull the lever down, you may be able to activate the signals on the right side of the car to symbolise a right-hand turn. 
  • Once you push the lever up, you can indicate the signals on the left side of the vehicle for a left-hand turn. 
  • Compared to the ones listed above, brake lights come on automatically when you step on the brakes.

Right times to use a turn signal 

  • One of the first things you need to know is the distance you need to have when making a left or right turn onto a new lane. Make sure to be at least 30 yards (or 100 feet) away from the corner to give space for other drivers to adjust.
  • While the 30 yards (or 100 feet) rule is a great way to avoid accidents, it also depends on the vehicle behind you. If you notice that a truck or bus is getting near you, turn on your signal light immediately for them to notice you.
  • If you are about to change lanes or enter a new road (especially on highways), you should signal as early as you can. Keep in mind that impulsively turning on your signal without considering the other drivers can cause accidents.
  • Whether you or another driver are indicating a signal light, it is important to be patient and not try to overtake them. Keep in mind that it may lead to accidents, so safety is a must.

In conclusion

Although there are many things that you need to consider while driving, getting familiar with turning signals is important if you want to keep yourself and others safe. 

If you wish to learn more about car lights, you’ve come to the right place! Feel free to read through our blogs and explore the different products we offer here ar Canadian Cruiser Customizing. For concerns and inquiries, please contact us at or give us a call at 1-800-341-2622.