This single colour multi remote control unit is designed to operate with any of our 12V two wire LED lighting strips and Pods (excluding the 5050 RGB strip lighting) as well as any of our LED replacement bulbs.  It will allow full control of your once uncontrollable single colour LED’s.  The range on the remote is 20 – 30 meters.  This remote control unit will allow for the following functions:

  • 5 Fade Options – from dim to bright
  • 3 Fashing Options
  • 1 Strobe Option
  • Select from 10 different light intensities(10% – 100%)
  • Dimmer Option – can be use on the flashing and strobe settings
  • A reset option(clear) to reset the LED to steady on 100%
  • Off/On

The receiving unit is small enough to fit under the seat, in a side cover, trunk, saddle bag or anywhere else you have space.


  • Length  50mm
  • Width   34mm
  • Height  21mm


  • Black Wire with White Strip – positive wire from the receiving unit to the positive battery terminal
  • Black Wire – negative wire from the receiving unit to the negative battery terminal or suitable ground
  • Ground Wire to LED’s is indicated on the 4 Pin connector by a arrow mark
  • White – the antenna with electronic eye

RECEIVING UNIT – DO NOT INSTALL OR WIRE INTO A MANUAL ON/OFF SWITCH the Remote Unit will act as a relay and On/Off switch.

Electrical Specs. Max Output

  • Amps 6
  • Watts 50

Remote Control Unit Includes

  • 1 receiving unit
  • 1 remote control (batteries included)
  • 1 power lead plug