3W LED Bullet Afterburner Driving Lights with Lens ( one pair )

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3 Watt LED Bullet Afterburner Driving Lights  ( 2 Bullet Lights )

This LED Driving Light houses 1x 3 watt flush mounted high powered LED with lens. The design is a bullet style body with a hollow threaded mounting stem. All of our Driving Lights are a 3 wire design – ground, low intensity & high intensity. These are the smallest and the brightest available on the market today. There is no need for load resistors/equalizers to operate these Driving Lights. Simply wire into the existing high/low beam on your headlight or use a separate power wire with a relay and an on/off switch.


Need mounting hardware check out our P-Clamps


Wiring Instructions

Black Wire - is the Ground wire - this wire must be grounded to the frame or wired into an existing ground wire

Red Wire - LED postive Low intensity wire - this can be wired into you low beam headlight wire or on a separate switch

Blue Wire - is the LED postive High intensity wire - this can be wired into you high beam headlight wire or on a separate switch

The LED does not have to have both High & Low wires connected to operate, if you wish to only have the LED on high intensity or low intensity that is a wiring option.

NOTE - Do not connect the red and blue wires together.

LED Specs per Driving Light

  • Power 3 Watts/12V
  • Amps 240mA
  • Lumens 240
  • Length 70mm
  • Diameter 25mm
  • Hollow stem 20mm long x 7mm diameter

Colours available

  • White 4300K (white)
  • White 6000K (hint of blue - pure white)

Body Colours/Finishes available

  • Chrome
  • Anodized Gloss Black
  • Anodized Gloss Black with Chrome LED Housing

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