4 POD LED - Flux LED - Chrome Body

4 POD LED - Flux LED - Chrome Body

Canadian Cruiser Customizing


4 Pod LED Accent Light

  • 4 Super Bright Flux LED's
  • Chrome housing
  • Dimensions - 40mm long x 10mm high x 21mm wide
  • 2 wire design - positive & negative
  • Each Pod has 2 mounting holes for small screws or can also can be mounted with double sided tape or a mild adhesive.
  • Each Pod will have 80cm of wire. 
  • Powered by 12V
  • Perfect for additional interior lighting, ground effect lighting, additional signal marker lights and lighting for small areas(glove boxes)

Colours Available

  • Blue
  • White
  • Orangey Red

All of our LED Pods and Flexible lighting only require 12V power to operate.  All of our LED's have a positive and negative wire.  Simply wire into a switch.

Installation Instructions

LED Accent lighting - 5050, PVC, POD's

These are all 2 wire LED lighting which only require a positive power supply and a ground.  The positive power will come from the positive terminal on the battery to one side of the switch then out to the LED from the other side of the switch.  The ground will either come from the negative terminal on the battery, frame or a ground wire on the stock wiring harness. 

Attach positive wire to positive wire and negative wire to negative wire as you install your lighting strips or pod's.  The wiring can be cut or extended to suit the installation.  When installing the 5050 strips or the LED Pod's you can use the double side tape that comes with the LED.  When installing the PVC strips I recommend a clear silicone or a couple dabs of an adhesive you are familiar with, for eg. crazy glue.     

12V wiring may seem complex but I assure you it is really straight forward.  Check to make sure there is power and double check the ground (this is where almost all problems stem from).  Once you install a couple lights it really makes sense and the rest of the job will go smooth.

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