5.65" LED Cree Daymaker Style Headlight H4 H/L Harley Davidson

Canadian Cruiser Customizing


LED High and Low Beam LED Headlamp at a fraction of the cost.  The same LED's and reflection patterns are used to build this LED.

Fitment - Harley Davidson

Hi beam 40W @ 3600 Lumens, Low beam  30W @  2200  Lumen

LED's - 4pc 10W CREE(XML-T6) LEDs


Input: DC 12V -

  •     High Beam 40W 3.00 AMPS, 3600 Lm

  •     Low Beam 30W 2.5 AMPS, 2200 Lm

  •     Maximum Lumen Output: 3600 LMs

  There may be modifications needed for fitment

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