LED Brake Light Flashing Unit

LED Brake Light Flashing Unit

Canadian Cruiser Customizing


LED Brake Light Flasher will allow your LED Brake Light to flash when the brakes are applied.  This unit will grab the attention of any motorist behind you and clearly state your intention to slow down or stop. 


Perfect addition to any motorcycle, motorcycle trailer, quads(for those quick stops on the trail), 3rd brake light on any car or truck, power chair or anything that requires additional attention when slowing or stopping!!


Flash Pattern


Once brakes are activated your rear brake light will flash very rapid 5 times the flash slower an addition 5 times the maintains steady ON brake


Elec. Specs

  • Wattage Up to 24W

  • Amps up to 2

  • Volts 12-24V



  1. Cut the rear brake and ground wire going to the brake light.  Unit will be installed in-between the cut

  2. Positive and Negative IN from the bike side brake and ground wire

  3. Positive and Negative OUT to the brake side and ground wire



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