LED Driving Light 35W 6000Lm ( 1 pair )

LED Driving Light 35W 6000Lm ( 1 pair )

Canadian Cruiser Customizing


These LED Driving Lights are the most advanced LED Driving Lights available for this price.  The clarity, range and visibility that the U2 LED provides is nothing short of remarkable.  At 6000 Lumans of light output, these LED's are producing more than 4.5x the light output of stock halogen headlights.  These LED's are available with a 3000K LED option to match the colour of your stock halogen headlight bulb.

These are a must for any rider with a dual purpose bike such as a BMW, KTM, V-Strom, Quads etc..  These are also perfect for any cruiser or sport tourer looking for more light on the highway or just to get you noticed. 

These LED Driving Lights draw less wattage and amps than any standard auxilary light bar (typically 35W x 2 = 70W draw) while giving you more light and saving you 10 watts of power. 

FYI - The light produced in the picture was generated from only these Driving Lights( 1 pair ).  The headlights on this motorcycle had been turned off for this picture.

Electrical Specs.(per pair)

  • Wattage 70W
  • Amps 4
  • Lumans 7000Lm

Additional information

  • Life +100,000hrs
  • LED Colours avail 3000K and 5000K
  • Effective range 550m
  • Beam Angle 20 - 30 Degrees
  • Diameter 55mm(2 1/8") x Length 70mm(3")
  • Wire Length 80cm
  • Waterproof IP68/Dustproof

Available Body Colours

  • Black

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