Plug & Play LED Accent Lighting Package with Remote 108 LED's

Canadian Cruiser Customizing


108 5050SMD LED Accent Lighting Package - Complete Plug & Play Package with Remote Control - No Soldering Require

Canadian Cruiser Customizing now offers a complete Plug & Play LED Accent Lighting package for your bike with remote.  This accent kit includes the following:

  • Rear Fender - 2x 30cm 5050SMD Black Flexible strips
  • Gas Tank - 2x 30cm 5050SMD Black Flexible strips
  • Under Frame(ground effect) 2x 30cm 5050SMD Black Flexible strips
  • Front Fender - 2x 30cm 5050SMD Black Flexible strips
  • Be creative - 1x 30cm 5050SMD Black Flexible strip
  • Remote Control Unit for single colour LED's ( click here to see remote unit included ) or if ordering 3 colour LED's ( RGB ) ( click here to see remote unit included )
  • 8x 4 wire extention wires included with pin connectors( these extentions eliminate soldering )
  • Each LED Strip will have power leads on each end with a 4 pin connection system.
  • Each LED comes with 3M double sided tape.

This kit has a total of 108 5050SMD LED's with Remote

Custom Lighting Kits Available

Feel free to build your own Lighting Kit with any of our products.  Mix and match different LED's, add a remote control or a switch it's up to you.  Email the details of your order for a quote.  Include your shipping address as well.

Installation Instructions

5050SMD LED Accent Lighing Kit

These are all 2 wire LED lighting which only require a positive power supply and a ground.  Your positive power will come from the positive terminal on the battery to one side of the remote.  The ground will either come from the negative terminal on the battery, frame or a ground wire on the stock wiring harness. 

Connect all LED wires with all the black wires matching, it is that easy.     

12V wiring may seem complex but I assure you it is really straight forward.  Check to make sure there is power and double check the ground (this is where almost all problems stem from).  Once you install a couple lights it really will make sense and the rest of the install will go smooth.

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