PVC Flexible LED Strip - 48cm

Canadian Cruiser Customizing


PVC flexible LED strips will flex on 2 different axis.  LED lamps are spaced 1 every centimeter.  24cm strip = 24 LED’s.  These strips are waterproof to IP68 ratings, vibration resistant & have an operating temperature of -20 C up to +60 C.  These LED's are super bright and are daylight visible.  Powered by 12V systems.  Excellent for additional interior or exterior lighting, Amber and Red are great for marker and signal lights.  For use on Motorcycles, Boats, Cars, Trucks, RV's Trailers or anything else that needs additional lighting.

Electrical Specs

  • 2 Watts per 24cm
  • 160mA per 24cm
  • 12 Volt Power


  • Cuttable at every 3rd LED lamp
  • 11mm high x 6mm wide
  • Extemely Flexible
  • Waterproof  IP68 rating


  • Red, Blue, Green, Amber, Pink, Purple, White 5000K, White 6000K

All of our LED Pods and Flexible lighting only require 12V power to operate.  All of our LED's have a positive and negative wire.  Simply wire into a switch.

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